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Little Jewel Childcare is Inwood’s only group-family daycare based on the Waldorf philosophy. We provide a nurturing, home-like environment, and emphasize the development of the whole child—body, soul and spirit.

Bird1Nature-Based Learning

Children engage in experiential learning, going outside of the technological world they live in to interact with and learn from nature in all four-seasons. We’ve also carefully crafted our indoor environment using natural materials and provide a well-ordered daily routine that responds to the changing seasons whether we are indoors or outdoors. This rhythmical element ensures a strong sense of consistency, order, and security. We also emphasize the development of empathy and moral responsibility, zai in the leavesessential parts of the healthy development of the young child. And most importantly, we encourage creative play, allowing children to be children.

Language Development

At Little Jewel, we sustain natural language development. Our caregivers are fluent in both English and Spanish and teach songs, poems and movement games in both languages. In this way, they take advantage of the unique ability young children have to learn languages, which is most intensive from birth to age 3.

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Please call at 917-378-1608 or write us at for details.